The Investor Mindset Podcast

What does it take to succeed when others fail? We explore the stories on Investing that you don’t often hear: The trials and challenges that lead to success and the Mindset it takes to make it. We’ll learn from some of the best investors and entrepreneurs, learning through fire-walking their experiences so we can each setup up our game and be our best self. We focus 80% on the motivation & mindset that leads to success, and 20% on the investing strategies & tactics that get us there.

About The Host:
Steven Pesavento Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneur has always been obsessed with understanding how we can think better, how we can be better and how we can do better. He fought against those limiting beliefs, that held him back and jumped in to Real Estate with no experience. By modeling the mindset & actions of leaders he looked up to, his Real Estate investing his business exploded, buying 150 houses in his first two years, over $22 Million in real estate transactions.

Personal development for real estate investors. Model the top real estate investors, house flippers, multifamily syndicators, wholesalers and landlords. We invite guests from all industries to share their mindset with our incredible community.

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