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E19: It's ALL Communication. The Truth About Business & Negotiation - Brandon Voss

Episode Summary

What do hostage negotiation and running a business have in common? Join us as Brandon Voss, son of “Never Split the Difference” author Chris Voss, dives into some of the skills and tactics taught by the coaches of the Black Swan Group. Skillful communication is applicable to every aspect of life - so even if you’re not an investor this episode is for you!

Episode Notes

Brandon Voss is the Director of Operations & Training for The Black Swan Group. Raised in New Jersey, his background consists of tough life lessons learned in the city - and the contrasting experiences with his father’s family in the midwest. His role with the BSG consists of wearing many hats, but specifically he works in content creation, sales, handles financials, plus works in coaching.
Currently the Black Swan Group focuses on negotiation and communication coaching, plus keynote speaking, as well as running a few virtual courses.
Brandon shares that he’s always been a people person: he loves to meet people, and talk about communication challenges. He would have (initially) said his purpose was in-line with his father’s, teaching people to “deal with bullies”, but it goes beyond that. Brandon loves helping people who are sick of struggling with the same hurdle, or sick of getting “beat up” in situations where they could take a powerful position.


  1. Business dealings run on emotion, not just logic
  2. Communication is key. Skilled communication changes your life
  3. Good communication takes practice and training
  4. The Rule of Threes: Page 177 - 178 (Never Split the Difference)


  1. Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss
  2. Getting More - Stuart Diamond
  3. Ego, Authority, Failure - Derek Gaunt

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