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E20: Living with Purpose. How to look at Money, Success, and Goals - Kirk Chisholm

Episode Summary

Reaching your goals is being successful, right? If you’ve done just that, and then wondered why you didn’t feel happy or successful, you are in the right place. Join us as Kirk Chisholm, Principle at Innovative Advisory Group and host of The Money Tree Investing podcast shares how he spun his wheels doing the same thing for 18 years - and then “it” finally clicked for him and his success skyrocketed.

Episode Notes

Kirk Chisholm is a Principle and Wealth Manager at Innovative Advisory Group, an independent Registered Investment Advisor, and host of The Money Tree Investing Podcast based in Lexington, MA.
Kirk has built his entire career on the basis of helping other people navigate big transitions and handle their investments. He isn’t driven by money, but rather by the desire to positively impact as many people as he possibly can. His journey through health challenges, career struggles, and the desire to understand how he can be the best person possible is inspiring and his message is seriously impactful.


  1. There is an emotional factor to finances - and it has huge impact on our behaviour
  2. Don’t just set a goal - use your goals to set a direction and a purpose
  3. Happiness isn’t a goal, it is the journey
  4. Don’t do it alone! There is strength and longevity in social interaction and community

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