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E55: One Thing to a Purpose Driven Life - Jay Papasan

Episode Summary

Focus. We hear it from coaches, mentors, etc...but how do you choose what to focus on, and how do you actually implement a plan to start? Listen in today to this power episode where Jay Papasan shares some huge tips on focus, patience, and perseverance.

Episode Notes

Jay Papasan is an incredible author who has co-authored books such as: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Millionaire Real Estate Investor and The One Thing, just to name a few.

He has always had a passion for writing and, fortunately for us, he landed a role working with Gary Keller of Keller Williams, back before KW was what it is today.

Jay is inspired by his mentors (including Gary Keller, his parents, and his wife) and is driven by a very clear purpose and goals. He works hard to be a great husband, a fantastic father, and maintain his goals in alignment with this purpose.


  1. Finish what you start - even if you’re crawling across the finish line
  2. Go really slow, until you’re clear on which way you’re going...then go!
  3. Figure out what you’re investing FOR
  4. Putting an intention ON YOUR CALENDAR makes you 3x more likely to actually do it 
  5. Get in alignment with the people on your team 


  1. The War of Art - Steven Pressfield (
  2. Now is the Way - Cory Allen (

Keystone Habits: 

  1. Works out in the morning
  2. Reads a book a week
  3. Tracks net worth once a week
  4. Date night
  5. Every Wednesday meets with a “stranger” (someone who’s done really well at something)